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by Siontix

It's stuff like this that makes you see just how evil Black Shadow and Blood Falcon really are. In the games and in the anime, Black Sh...

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F-Zero: Seppuku - What is Revival Day?
== Revival Day 2016 =
Another year has passed since the miraculous revival of F-Zero: Seppuku as a story. Most of my veteran readers by now have a firm understanding of what Revival Day is; newer or non-Seppuku fans will likely be wondering what the big fuss is about. Ruder individuals may be tempered by the sudden explosion of Revival Day deviations/posts in their feed every June 10th. So, like every year, I feel that the situation warrants a ‘What is Revival Day’ deviation. The first and biggest point I must always address right away: Is Revival Day specifically for fans of F-Zero: Seppuku?

This is a misconception. Revival Day celebrates the revival of F-Zero: Seppuku as a story, which led me to join Deviantart and as a result make friends on the site. Revival Day is entirely different from the ‘F-Zero: Seppuku Anniversary’ (November,) which solely celebrates the story ‘F-Zero: Seppuku.’ Revival Day is 50
:iconsiontix:Siontix 3 12
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It's stuff like this that makes you see just how evil Black Shadow and Blood Falcon really are. In the games and in the anime, Black Shadow and Blood Falcon are evil, but in a cool way.

But in this continuity they are just sick and cruel. I seem to recall Blood Falcon asking if they should "practice" on Rose.

The silhouettes do an excellent job of highlighting not just their blacken souls but really ups the intimidation factor as well.

They help convey the image of an abused child locked in a closet without light for hours, only to dread the light that comes with the open door because they know this light does not bring salvation, but the news that their abuser has returned ready to go another round.


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TheNobleOne15 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Jay Gonso Snaky.
Lifescythe Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
What about him?
TheNobleOne15 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Who is he?
Lifescythe Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Allegedly he's the man who gave Black Shadow his powers.

However, I'm trying to source this information.

This is as far as I got.

This man,… claims that this Jay Gonzo Snakey character was a "Voodoo Chieftan" who "let Black Shadow get access to all his powers" but "Falcon captured him and he was sent to prison he was killed during a prison riot." 

Normally I would dismiss this as the ranting of a bad fanfic writer but I have found more "official" sources that seem to validate this information.

For example wikipedia 's description of Black Shadow is as follows:

"The 'King of Evil' who wants revenge on Captain Falcon for arresting a witch doctor who is said to have given Shadow his abilities."

Wikipedia traces this description to a source called "
Sackenheim, Shawn. "Black Shadow's F-Zero X biography"f-zerox.comAllgame. Retrieved 2008-04-17."

Unfortunately, the website is no longer available and internet archive as proven futile. 

There is also this old website which claims the same information…

Again normally I would dismiss this, but this same website has information that some of the F-Zero Wikis like take as canon (like the idea that Super Arrow was the one who petitioned the reopening of F-Zero following the great accident 4 four years ago-information that I can't find in his X or GX profiles).

Furthermore, the aforementioned website's profile of Captain Falcon matches the F-Zero X profile cited by… almost verbatim.

Again, since I can't access the original F-Zero X website itself, I can't confirm any of this.
(1 Reply)
Siontix Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, hey, an F-Zero fan!
Chiya puckered by Siontix  
Lifescythe Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Brother you don't know the half of it. I have been a devout fan of F-Zero from the beginning and have always wanted to see someone capitalize on its lore and characters in better ways than the games and the anime did (although the anime wasn't half bad).

and then you came along.

I just found your stories and am going through them now (albeit out of order). I picked up part three and could not put it down.

when I finish all three, I must speak with you in greater detail. We have much to discuss and much to geek out over. This is one of the best written things I have ever seen. I love the politics and ESPECIALLY your attention to religion with your characters.

I'm quite sure that if this wasn't a fan fiction it could easily pass as an actual original sci-if novel

this is excellent work and I can't wait to speak with you in greater detail about it.

for now I will leave you with this captain falcon AMV I made. Enjoy.…
Siontix Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
-also I'll go ahead and subscribe to your channel. My Youtube channel is also called 'Siontix' (I'm Siontix pretty much everywhere.)
Siontix Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my, I must admit that I'm quite flattered.
Chiya smile by Siontix

Yeah, there's a hu--uge history behind F-Zero: Seppuku that you wouldn't have guessed. I'm guessing you're the mystery reader that's been reading through F-Zero: Seppuku on every day or so; the unfortunate part of being me is that I get all of these readers, but I only get to meet so many of them. I usually end up befriending Seppuku/EngelReise/SP readers, as often enough people who read it seem to have common interests (gaming, anime, etc.). I'll have to introduce you to 'the gang' some time--if you're a big F-Zero fan, I suggest you come in contact with a user by the name revivedracer209 some time. He stuck with me through F-Zero: Seppuku all the way from 2013 to the end; has a lot of knowledge about F-Zero, he's a true F-Zero fan.
Lifescythe Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Siontix sir, Have you ever thought about creating a TV Tropes page for F-Zero Seppuku? 

This will put your masterpiece on the map like never before.

Traditionally, it is uncouth for an author to promote his own story, but I'm sure if you got your faithful readers on board they could create it. In fact I would do it myself were it not for the fact I have not finished reading it yet (Like I staid I've started on Part 3 and am on chapter 74) and the fact that work demands much of my time.

According to your profile you are a web designer by trade, it should not be too difficult for you to get it started and let the fans take over from there. 

Based off what I've read so far I think some of your characters match many of Tv Tropes' plot devices.

Seppuku himself seems to match TV Tropes' Sociopathic Hero label to a T.…

Jody's "diplomatic mission" with Chiya and Fiona's scheme to get Earl to give Chiya children could potentially be classified as a case of "What The Hell, Hero?!"…

Again, I think you should just get the page created and then send your readers to populate it with the tropes.

Here is the format they want for Fanfic recommendation (or as they call them fanfic recs).…

You can add this to the F-Zero Section of the website. You will see an "create new" tab and put the fanfic rec there.…

However once this is done another step must be taken. Some fanfics have a trope page of their own where the actual tropes in the story are displayed with examples. 

Here are some examples of FanFic Trope Pages………

Again, I suggest you rally your troops to make a fanfic rec, then have them create the page and start matching the tropes to the plot.

Even with a simple fanfic rec, it should give your story the attention it deserves. 

Happy New Year my friend. 
(1 Reply)
LeonartDraws Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorite!!! :)
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